Fah Sakharet Founder/Owner Jetset Loves   Hi! My name is Fah. It's so great you could stop by! Do you believe in star signs? I do. My sign is the archer, or Sagittarius. Their usual known trait is the adventurer and lover of travel. That is me to the core. I am always hot footing it to a different city or country, exploring where my passion and itch takes me. The two questions I am most often asked by friends, "Do you ever work" and “Where you off to now?” From an early age I was travelling constantly with my family from the Philippines to Thailand and California. Between the ages of 8 and 10 I had travelled to Hong Kong and Japan with my swim team. And at 12, I made the trip to Oxford, England where I attended boarding school. This was also the gateway for my travels within Europe. My first real experience of travel without parents or chaperones — just me and my two besties was at the age of 15. On a bus bound for Paris, before the Eurostar existed, we crossed the English Channel by ferry to Calais then onward bound for croissants and all things stylishly French! It was a week of fun and independence. Having worked for several years I soon got an itch, yearning for more than a couple of weeks off, I took a year! With just my backpack and best mate, we set off — trekking the Inca trail, learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, motorbiking through lush Vietnam, whale watching in Kaikora and sleeping under the stars in Ayres Rock. I hope to share some of these stories with you. Soon after, I landed my dream job based in Bangkok. I crisscrossed Asia art directing cover and fashion shoots for an international travel magazine. From five-star resorts to fine dining. I was definitely hooked. I should've started this blog sooner, but now I am ready to share with you my tales of travel — old and new, fun and exciting, stylish and chic. What you’ll also see here: it’s what the tagline says— “where style meets travel.” I’ll be posting on everything from handcrafted products, quirky local sights and incredible street food to luxe accommodations, hip, backstreet bars and designer restaurants. They’ll all capture my own style ethos: casual but chic, happy-go-lucky and adventurous. Coming along for the ride is my reluctant travelling husband (or RTH) due to his fear of flying! Lucky for me he's also a professional photographer. The photos you see on this blog are either by me or him. When not roaming the world, I am a New York–based art director for luxury magazine brands worldwide. I also run my own graphic design consultancy. Hope you enjoy the blog, and happy travels! xxx --- Fah Sakharet  is the founder and owner of Jetset Loves. All images and text ©Jetset Loves.

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