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September 27, 2015 , In: Beauty, Italy, Shopping, Style, Travel

A trip to Capri would not be complete without taking back a few memento pieces. My top three faves are all from the town of Anacapri.

Carthusia perfume: This delightful  boutique is one for fragrance enthusiasts. All ingredients are sourced on the island. I picked up the Meditrraneo, a citrus blend that will forever remind me of the Amalfi coast: the waft in the air,  the tang in my food, and in the fruit stands by the side of the road.  I like my perfumes light so this was perfect, and now I can interchange it with my Jo Malone French Lime Blossom whenever the Capri mood strikes me!

Fun fact: Monks from the nearby monastery were the first creators of these scents in 1380! Do you think they sprtiz themselves before morning prayers?!

Antonio Viva Sandals: This father and son shop goes back decades. Antonio the elder, likes to sit at the front and craft the sandals all by hand. There's loads of styles and colours to choose from. If there is already a pair you like but need it adjusted, his son will alter it as you wait (as he did for me). I picked up two classic pairs in tan and white for 60 euros each. If you can’t make it to Capri, you can now order online.

Basket Bag: I’ve been looking for a bag like this for ages, and this was exactly the look I wanted. I saw it on a window display right after walking past Antonio’s sandals. For 30 euros I could choose any size I wanted, I opted for the smallest one as any bigger then I'd find it cumbersome. I can’t wait to take it with me to Tulum, Mexico for Thanksgiving!

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    • Lisa
    • December 30, 2015

    I’m a big fan of Carthusia! I have three of their scents. Thanks for he shopping tips. :)

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