Honeymoon in Italy

September 17, 2015 , In: Italy, Travel

Bella Italia

Hello jetsetlovers! Welcome to my first post. This one is very special since it was also my honeymoon! After a fun-filled wedding weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania we were ready to venture off on our own to cities and coasts we had never explored. First stop, Florence. Beautiful and old, you cant go wrong with a city like Florence. Every street corner turned is another alley that leads to exciting and interesting sights – the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo (which can be seen from every part of the city) and Ponte Vecchio. My highlight though, I'm ashamed to say was the leather market, just a stones throw from the San Lorenzo church. Who knew my reluctant travelling husband or RTH (more about him later) was magnificent in bargaining. Next thing you know I was walking away with two leather bags (with detachable inner purses to boot!) for 30 euros each! The RTH also managed to haggle down a few linen scarves for 5 euros each. So far honeymoon was going well!

Looking at the Duomo from the Uffizi gallery Uffizi Gallery Bridges on the Arno river Leather market near the San Lorenzo church leather tote market florence italy Café freddo Outside Salvatore Ferragmo Ponte Vecchio  

Beat the Heat in Tuscany

After a much needed escape from the heat of Florence, we rented a Fiat 500 which the RTH later called the soda can – due to every bump that was felt on the highway! Regardless, I loved our sky blue bubble car, so quintessential to zipping around the winding roads of Tuscany. Just over an hour we found ourselves at Hotel Castello di Casole. Travel and Leisure magazine recently named it the no1. resort in Europe. Lucky for us, my Italian friend affiliated with the resort sorted us out with an upgrrade to the very spacious Olivetto suite – we had our own terrace looking across the sprawling countryside. Peeling ourselves from the sun lounges by the pool we set off on a few day trips to Siena, San Giminano and  Castello de Casole.

Tuscany Italy

Fiat 500 Castello di Casole Pool Pici pasta Tuscany Italy Siena Italy

Bullet Train towards the Amalfi Coast

The rail transportation I have to say is amazing, we boarded the Italo bullet train from Florence and arrived in Naples, in just 2 and a half hours. Let me tell you peeps, its not like a 2 hour journey where you'd start from Penn Station in NYC only reaching the outskirts of New Jersey.  This is from the north of Italy to the south, bypassing Rome – in less than 3 short hours! The max train speed reached 300 kph. The RTH informed me that planes take off at 250 kph. Wow!  The club class (higher than first class), was only 58 euros each when we booked. There are only 12 seats in this class so much quieter than most carriages and spacious. I did notice though that the Italian clientele never seem to silence their phones. Odd.

Our pick-up from Naples train station to Positano was on-time and luxe, you cant beat a Mercedez for comfort (to the relief of my RTH) and we arrived at our hotel in over an hour. Though the journey is  less in kilometres, the roads are winding, cliff-hanging even, prolonging the drive time. It's worth it. Positano is one of those magical towns you wish you'd discovered earlier. I knew my RTH was in love with the place when he quickly grabbed his device and skyped his mum showing her the view from our terrace at Casa Buonocore. Naples on the way to Positano


Driving to Positano

Casa Buonocore Positano

Keep an eye out for more on Positano and Capri.

Jetset Loves:

Shop: Leather market: Fab quality goods for bargain prices. Tip pretend to walk away and they will cut the price in half! Just steps from the church at the Piazza San Lorenzo

Sleep: Hotel Castello di Casole: Never-ending views from every part of the resort, especially the spacious Olivetto villas. Varied and scrumptious breakfast. Fantastic spa service and treatments.

Getting Around: Italo Trains: Bullet trains at lightening speed. Comfort and value for money.

Positano Cars: When your name is held on a sign, it's a good sign. Punctual service, good drivers and luxury cars. Hassle-free way to get to the Amalfi Coast.

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