Maple Taffy in Quebec City

September 21, 2015 , In: Canada, Travel

_DSF0302_DSF0317IMG_5493maple syrup

Whilst walking on Rue Saint Louis I spotted a woman making something I hadn't recognised.

She ladled maple syrup onto an ice block then spread it in a line with a popsicle stick. As soon as it hardened she twirled the maple around the stick until it was a ball at the end. Et voilà, a maple lollipop was presented to me!

She said the Québécoise mainly do this in winter when it’s much colder and the syrup doesn’t melt as quickly (as you can see on my stick!). I guess it's a much needed sugar when temps reach below freezing point, brrrr!

But on this hot Labour Day weekend it was still a  lovely treat!

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